Life System Development

WORK IN PROGRESS! So don’t judge too heavily.


If you look up life system development/design, you might find people detailing their systems to make their life more productive, so that they may get more work done.

This is not my focus, I more care about the fundamental things in life. I believe in doing things with intention, and that if you design a system intentionally, it will free up mental energy as well as time for you to be able to focus on other things, or be able to be more in the moment.

Routine vs System

Routine is hard because the reason for its effectiveness is also what can make it psychologically taxing. Breaking a streak can provide motivation to keep it going when you don’t feel like it in the moment, but it can also can cause you to punish yourself when you break the streak and to make it harder to start again.

It’s important to note that a little is better than nothing.

In a system, you have fallbacks. This is something that you should have as a backup option that requires far less effort and thought. For food this may look like always having boxed mac n’ cheese or something similar on hand. Having fallbacks allows you to respond to your energy/motivation levels in the day. Maybe your fallback is ordering food from a restaurant, it all depends on your goals/preferences.


The following sections are the various systems that I believe every person should have developed. The depth of which the systems are developed may vary from person to person depending on priorities, but I believe that a good, healthy, fulfilling life targets these things.




There is so much research showing that a little bit of daily exercise has immense health benefits. Not even particularly strenuous exercise either.