Coke Latte

I was drawing inspiration from the idea of mixing Coke with coffee, which is not a new idea. Take the Fat Americano for example, which is a coffee beverage made by putting espresso over Coke.


  • Coffee ice cubes
  • Coke Zero
  • Cream Liqueur (e.g. Bailey’s)
  • Vodka (e.g. Tito’s)
  • Sugar-Free Vanilla and Caramel syrups (e.g. Torani)
  • Simple Syrup

Substitution Ideas:

  • Vanilla vodka or spiced rum instead of vodka
  • Coffee liqueur instead of cream liqueur
  • Oatmilk or creamer instead of cream liquor
  • Espresso shot instead of coffee ice cubes and add normal ice


  • If you use regular Coke, you probably won’t need simple syrup
  • Vodka is to up the alcohol percentage, but you can omit it if you want less of a buzz