Should we be tracking time obsessively?

Being attuned to time so sensitively seems like it could lead to negative consequences.

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Being attuned to time so sensitively seems bad, so should I be tracking time?

  • being more aware of time makes you realize how little you have which can cause anxiety
  • it makes you watch the clock more
    • in tracking my time on my calendar, it would affect the time i would start tasks because it wouldn’t as cleanly display/input into the calendar

How can we balance calendar as memory with not being as time obsessed?

  • We can try to create a calendar with no duration
  • “Quiet tracking”
    • Tracking in the background that is automated so that it’s non-invasive (ish)–out of sight and mind

Instead of YouTube and Spotify watch/listen time, focus more on metrics which is more about number of songs listened to

  • what if we removed all the references to time in YouTube?
    • The play bar would still be there so you have a proportionality idea of the time, but we would move timestamps and other time related things.