Socially acceptable when2meet for friend hangouts

How can we create something like when2meet to schedule hangouts with people in a way that doesn't seem overly business-y?

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the scheduling tango described by Maggie Appleton is so relatable

  • when2meet isn’t perfect and neither are appointment calendars, but they are a step in the right direction i think
  • the only problem is that it may seem too business like to schedule time in this manner
    • is this just a social norm thing that we can get rid of?

is there a social algorithm that we could use?

  • is it more effective to ask people when they are free or when they are not free? and then work from there
  • potential algo:
    • you both send which days you prefer and then find a commonality
    • with the common day, you send which times you prefer and then find a commonality
    • you lock in the day and time that you both agree to
  • if you front load the days and times that you are free the text takes too long
    • but if you space it out over texts, you are then dependent on when the other person responds