Social Media Literacy Topics

An overview of emerging social media literacy topics.

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Generally I think that you should automatically assume something is fake and ask who would benefit from it being seen as real?

the prevalence of the edit

  • the try guys and michelle khare have talked about how everything comes together in the edit and how things happen out of order in the edit as opposed to reality to create a story
  • filters, color grading, etc – digital appearance is not reality

reality tv shows

  • they are unscripted but the producers have a lot of control over things and how they control how information is presented
  • participants often know what makes good TV as well, so will lie and play caricatures of themselves

do influencers really care about the things that they promote?

  • is there a litmus test for us to know if they actually use the product?
  • are influences contractually obligated to say they use the product?

hasan minhaj article and surrounding controversy

  • emotional truths to stories

fake news, propaganda, and outage farming

  • science and p-hacking and sensationalism and half truths and obfuscation
  • misconstruing points or destroying nuance for articles that aren’t lying but aren’t exactly the entire picture

deepfakes and ai imagery

  • deepfakes will composite multiple images whereas you can use generative AI to create an entirely new picture or video

charity content

  • do something good while the camera is rolling and then take it back after the recording stops
  • stage the content after scoping someone out for a sob story
  • give someone lines to act like they have a sob story if they have a certain look