Sexual inclination spectrum

Toward more exhaustive taxonomy for an attitude toward engaging in sexual activity.

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Sexual inclination is a sexual attitude about someone’s inclination to participate in sexual activity. Sexual attitudes are people’s attitudes (mixture of beliefs and opinions) towards the idea of engaging in (types of) sexual acts. Everyone has sexual attitudes because even having no opinion is a sort of opinion! People can value (or not value) sexual activity for any number of reasons like pleasure, reproduction, religion, etc. All of these things are wrapped up into someone’s sexual attitudes.

Sexual inclination is not determined by sexuality or sexual orientation. Asexuality is not defined by sexual inclination but by sexual attraction. There are asexuals who like having sex and allosexual people who don’t like to have sex.

In the early days of asexuality discourse you had sex positive and sex repulsed aces. Sex positive is already associated with the Sex Positivity movement, which would make it seem like asexuals don’t like other people having sex.

To visualize this spectrum and to provide slightly more exhaustive taxonomy I have created this diagram:

Sexual activity inclination spectrum

People fall in between these labels all the time, but these labels are much more precise than what is traditionally used (Sex Positive, Sex Neutral, Sex Repulsed)

As a native English speaker I’m not entirely sure why I started with Sex Seeking on the left side, I think that most LTR language writer would have put Sex Repulsed on the left side. However, the orientation of it doesn’t really matter because the ordering relation is still preserved.