Places to Visit in Philly

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Philadelphia is one of my favorite U.S. cities and there is a variety of things to do, see, and eat/drink. As a craft beer fan, I am especially partial to the breweries that are in the city of Philly. This list is the result of numerous trips to Philly, but I will the be the first to admit that I’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what the diverse city has to offer.


  • Bookhaven
    • A used bookstore with an incredibly extensive collection in all categories
    • Prices are a bit pricer than other used bookstores, but most if not all books are in great condition


  • Cleavers
    • Good sandwiches and fries
  • Silk City
    • Small diner menu but really good food
    • Liked the breakfast sandwich a lot, omlettes were huge
  • Angelo’s Pizza
    • Really good pizza, cash only though and no delivery
  • El Merkury
    • Kinda expensive for churros, but have interesting flavors


  • OCF Coffee House
    • Good coffee and serviceable food
    • Fairmount location has a beautiful interior, great for working
  • Cambridge St Coffee House
    • Food is pretty good, if on the more expensive side
    • Wide of variety of Monin syrups to add to your coffee
    • I feel like the drink sizes were quite large, but great prices


  • Triple Bottom Brewing
    • Really cute spot that has a smaller list of beers but they are pretty decent in quality
    • Right near Love City and Liquid Art (other breweries)
  • Tapster
    • Self-serve tap house with beer, wine, cocktails, coffee, kombucha, and even root beer
    • Fun seating areas with swings and stools
    • Serve snacks and then also other food in partnership with a nearby restaurant
  • Liquid Art Barrel House
    • The beer is fairly good, lots of lower ABV stuff and a good amount of sours
    • The food is really good, pretzel bun burger especially
    • Got really busy around 7 when we went
  • Other Half Brewing
    • They have a very new school IPA heavy menu, but they are one of the best breweries nationally
    • Lots of indoor and outdoor seating available
  • City Tap
    • This is technically more a restaurant than a beer bar, but have a good selection
    • Can get small pours of beer which is always better for the wallet
    • Food was quite good, recommend the burger and/or cheesesteak


  • Locust Rendezvous
    • Nice dive bar with serviceable food
  • Franky Bradley’s
    • Happy hour deals were pretty good
    • Loaded fries were yummy
    • Decent beer and cocktail menu
  • Concourse Dance Bar
    • Cheaper cover than Woody’s
    • Music is fine much more electronic/pop leaning than rap
    • They have a ball pit that you can go in
  • Morgan’s Pier
    • Has cover and is really crowded, but a fun time for dancing
    • By the water

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