Places to Visit in Dallas

278 Words • Places • 09/05/2023

Dallas is a fun city with great food (although not always the healthiest). Texas BBQ is excellent, as is Tex-Mex food. Getting from place to place basically requires driving, so be definitely keep that in mind. Some of these places are more in the Fort Worth area, but the Dallas-Fort Worth area is often thought of one large area together.

  • Velvet Taco
    • A variety of inventive tacos that are relatively filling
    • Have many locations
  • Manhattan Project Brewing
    • Cheap and good beer, good coffee as well
    • They have food, but we didn’t try any of it
    • Really cute ambiance, a bit small though
  • Legacy West
    • Outdoor mall type of thing with luxury stores and food, have a Cava which was good
    • Legacy Hall
      • Very busy for dinner time
      • Good selection of food and drinks
  • Terry Black’s BBQ
    • Black Margarita, Frozen Jack n’ Coke
    • Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, and Mac n’ Cheese
    • Best BBQ I’ve ever had
  • Whataburger
    • Pretty good for regional fast food, wouldn’t have it multiple times in one trip, but maybe once per trip
    • I really liked the Dr. Pepper shake
  • Stockyards
    • Lots of stores with Texan goods
    • Variety of different restaurants
  • Deep Ellum Brewery
    • Solid beers, decent selection
    • Great food and ambiance, especially with outdoor seating
    • Had a tour package $20 for 3 beers and a pint glass
  • Angry Dog
    • Cheap drinks Saturday and Sundays
    • Good amount of screens to watch sports
    • Pretty good wings (only lemon pepper and buffalo)

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