Living Seasonally

A guide of how to live in tune with the seasons.

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I want to be more in tune with the passing of time and the seasons in nature. I feel like it’s more immersive in a way that makes me more present and savor the moment more, and appreciate the weather and time for what it is. It’s also a great way to engage in activities or media that are healing to your inner child, or help bring together friends and family in a closer manner. With that in mind, I created this list for myself, so some of these ideas will not be relatable for you because a lot of them are shaped by family traditions or my own personality. However, I wanted to still publish it for others to be able to find inspiration to plan out how to live more intentionally with the seasons.

  1. Watch shows/movies
    • The more nostalgic the better
    • Sometimes it can be less about the content of the show, but about an association with a time in your life
    • Traditions are so powerful! You can be the person to start a tradition, like watching a particular movie every year during a particular season
    • Fall: Charlie Brown Great Pumpkin
    • Winter: Cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies get me every time
  2. Curate “seasonal” music
    • I am trying to collect more records that I think “fit” into seasons. It’s okay, maybe even better, if a record doesn’t cleanly fit into just one season and can be played in multiple. Obviously I can play any record that I want whenever I want, but it’s nice to put on an album that makes me feel more in tune with the current season.
    • An easier way to do this would create playlists for each season. The song does not have to mention the season for it to feel like that season, maybe it is a song from a memorable time in your life that happened during the specific season. Whatever the associate is, this is 100% a vibes-based approach.
  3. Make seasonal meals/desserts
  4. Decorate your space for the holidays or time period
    • You can be as early or late as you want
    • A simple sign will do, but Target is a great place to find cheap, seasonal decorations because they put them out right around the season so you can just walk in and get something relatively easily.
    • Storage space is often a problem with out-of-season decor so getting something that is adaptable/can be easily changed like a letter board could help
  5. Use seasonal scents
    • The scent delivery device is up to you: Candle (Could light it or use a warmer), wax melts, oil diffuser, etc.
    • Wood wick candles in the colder months for a nice flickering fire feel

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