Listening At A Distance March 2024 Edition

The March 2024 edition of Listening at a Distance: A Monthly Co-Created Music Newsletter.

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“Whatever” by Kygo, Ava Max

It’s a remix of Shakira’s “whatever whenever”, which is an absolute classic from my childhood


“Haircut” by Petey, Miya Folick

This came up on my discover weekly. Lyrics are a little silly but I find it super catchy for some reason lol.

“The Promise” by Samia, Jelani Aryeh

This is a cover of a great song originally done by When in Rome. One of my friends originally put me onto this song. This song takes on a more indie and chill vibe which makes it almost as good as the original. Samia’s vocals are really good and I definetly relate to the songs lyrics and message.

“Heady” by Reaper

One of my fav songs ever. Super underrrated. I forget how I actually discovered this song but I think it came up in my Discover Weekly back in 2019. The actual lyrics I dont relate to as much but I love the flow and lyricism. The bridge slaps so hard too.


“Shoot to kill, kill your darlings” by underscores

The drums in this song are super crunchy and scratch my brain in an addictive way. Generally this album is in my top 5 albums of all time.


The bass in this song scratched my brain in the same way the drums in the other one do.


“Time Machine” by Autoheart

Autoheart is one of my favorite bands, and I specifically love how this song slowly builds up and peaks at the bridge. I also like the catchy song paired with the nostalgia of the lyrics.

“Mykonos” by Fleet Foxes

This came up on my suggested songs and I really like the harmonies.


“CALYPSO” by Bryson Tiller

He is gearing up for an album release and this single every time I hear it makes me want to dance. The great beat and the catchy hook add to the experience.

“Chosen to Deserve” by Wednesday

Rees actually showed me this band. Its definitely a mix I’m not used to but enjoy it thoroughly. I was making playlists this month and thought the song should be shared with the group

“Turks & Caicos” by Rod Wave, 21 Savage

This song came back into the rotation as the weather is warming up. It emulates the summer vibes I’m looking for to start my spring and summer.


“Lose my Cool - Franc Moody Remix” by Amber Mark, Franc Moody

This has been my hyperfixation song for a bit now. The bass line at the start is fire. Also when I put it on aux people seem to enjoy it which is a confidence boost for sure.


“At the End” by Lowertown

I found this song after listening to Nick’s recommendation from last month! I want to try to get one of their albums on vinyl if I can

“Bum” by Kraus

I found this song from a YouTube channel called Hivemind. This band is a part of the shoegaze revival and I really love what they do.

“movies for guys” by Jane Remover

One of my favorite songs of all time because of how catchy the melody is.