Identity and Culture in the Digital Age Panel

A panel discussion with trailblazing AANHPI DMV-based content creators as they reflect on how identity and culture influence their digital content creation and messaging to a global network of followers.

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What is a creator’s obligation to their audience?

  • obligation to educate?
  • who do you imagine your audience to be? how do you imagine them? what do they know? who are they?
  • accountability & trust

monetization of hobbies

Is the word content a linguistic shortcut or an indication of shifting attitudes towards media?

  • Movie vs films
  • Content as art
  • Information is not art?

Boundary setting of what to show on social media vs keeping what to yourself

monetization of self via social media

notions of privacy crumbling — tinder for example — context collapse

what is the immigrant experience now how was it changed is there a new wave soon gen alpha

  • there is no common experience that ties us all together

are social media echo chambers real?

fetishization and commodification of asian culture

  • is this oritenyialism pt 2 or naw
  • Hallyu
  • Japanese soft power

Is there a duty for representational accuracy or at least to strive toward it?

Is all rep good rep? What about hit or miss rep?

reclamation of heritage culture

  • license to culture especially for mixed race people or children of adoptees

finding a niche in current media landscape

is it western consumers place or obligation to start conversations about inclusion in asian media?

consequences of imperialism museum collections don’t have smaller places works bc didn’t take as much art?

why is story telling and narrative so important in culture history media etc

do museums and institutions like that have a place or should we seek to disrupt their power? hegemony?

internet and social media as democratization of art and everything else

social justice policing and how it can be moral high grounding and mixed with misogyny to target women — like contrapoints said about JKR

  • rules are changing and rubric you’ll never know always something that is wrong and cannot armor all of our words couching words like LessWrong

diversify the elite and how we should instead seek to distribute power/democratized

weaponization of the journey narrative as a way to escape responsibility or accountability

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