Favorite Sandwiches

171 Words • Food/Beverage • 09/05/2023

Sandwiches are one of the best types of food because they are so versatile, and there are different times and places for sandwiches. For example, a ham and cheese sandwich with Doritos has to be enjoyed at the pool or a beach.

  1. Cheesesteak
    • Fried Onions, Hots, Mayo
  2. Fried Chicken Sandwich
  3. Italian Cold Cut
    • I can’t have Mortadella because it has pistachios
  4. Cuban
  5. Reuben
  6. BLT
    • Sometimes with Avocado and/or Turkey
  7. Bacon Cheeseburger
    • I do love burgers, but I am not always in the mood for burgers, hence the lower spot
    • Smashburgers are the best, but otherwise a burger cooked Medium will do as well
    • Pickles are a must, I usually add lettuce and tomato as well
  8. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese
    • I don’t really like English muffins, but on a Plain Bagel or Croissant
  9. Chicken Parmesan Sub
  10. Meatball Sub
    • Never seems to have any kind of structural integrity, but I still love it

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