Things I Do (Almost) Everyday

The results from reflecting about the things that I do (almost) everyday.

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What follows are the results of a mental exercise that I recently did. I wanted to think about all of the things that I do (almost) everyday. I wanted to see what kind of categories I could draw, and if there are any things that I wanted to do more or less of. Some of the items could belong in multiple categories, but I tried to just group them in the category that was most applicable. A curious find to me was the fact that I only have two miscellaneous items, and that every other item in the list could be grouped into a category.

The part of this exercise that took me by surprise was that I found that there weren’t many things that I wanted to stop. Yay! That means that I am not really caught in any kind of habits that I find unfulfilling. Perhaps unsurprisingly to me, but more impactful, was that there were a few things that I wanted to start doing, most of them centering around socialization. I live alone and also find it hard to reach out to people sometimes, so it makes sense as to why I am not calling someone everyday. However, it just made me sad that while I was texting a friend everyday, I couldn’t say the same about a family member. Which is why going forward I want to make a concerted effort to text my family members more, and perhaps adopt some of the same strategies of keeping in touch with my friends, like sending social media posts, and apply them to my family members.

I feel like this gives more of a holistic picture of someone’s day rather than a daily routine schedule, because a lot of things I do have nebulous start and stop times, or happen sporadically throughout the day, as well as each day being ever so slightly different.

What do I do (almost) everyday?

  1. Consume media
    1. Watch TikTok
    2. Watch YouTube
    3. Watch a TV Show (Netflix/Crunchyroll usually)
    4. Go on Instagram
    5. Go on Twitter
    6. Listen to music (on Apple Music)
    7. Read (Webnovel/article/book)
    8. Play a game
  2. Eat and drink
    1. Cook/make at least one meal
    2. Eat three meals & a dessert
    3. Drink a beer or two (Almost never the full can(s))
    4. Drink a caffeinated beverage (Some kind of vanilla coffee beverage and/or can of Coke Zero)
  3. Take care of my body
    1. Exercise (Bike and/or Lifting)
    2. Shower (x2)
    3. Brush my teeth
    4. Wear my retainer
  4. Apartment upkeep
    1. Make my bed
    2. Wash dishes
    3. Wipe down a counter top
    4. Check the mail
    5. Turn the A/C on and off
    6. Turn the lights on and off
  5. Engage my mind
    1. Code or think about programming
    2. Ponder
  6. Track things
    1. Update my Google Calendar
    2. Update my TODO list(s)
  7. Socialize
    1. Text a friend
    2. Send a friend a Tweet/TikTok/Instagram Post
  8. Miscellaneous
    1. Go on Amazon (to buy something or check on shipping)
    2. Go outside

What should I start doing?

  1. Text a family member
  2. Call a friend or family member
  3. Write

What should I try to stop doing?

  1. Go on Amazon

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